• In Da Capo Escultura you will find the inspiration you are searching for, the one that motivates designers, decorators and architects to express an extensive range of creative languages to embellish the most demanding spaces. We are the ideal fellow for those believing that the work quality and the inventiveness are the talents required to create a close bond.
  • By setting the values properly assigned to the sculpture in natural stone, we create original engravings and replicas of ancient works of art. They display a tendency towards the nature along with as concepts influenced by the classicism and based on the equilibrium and the harmony. They also own the elegance and creativity that make it possible to settle in timeless decorations.
  • The range variety of sculptural pieces that you will find here is just an example of the creative genius willing to meet customers’ requirements through personalized designs, custom-made projects or with the most honest collaboration that connects art and beauty lovers.

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No two alike pieces could ever becreated. Nonetheless, in both cases they would be quite unique. When you acquire a work from Da Capo Escultura – no matter if it is the replica or an original creation – you are choosing a handmade piece. Besides, what makes our production exclusive is not only the direct human effort of our sculptors, but also the deep knowledge of the raw material which we work on. Not to mention the traditional techniques of this job and the hallmark printingon the resulting work that pursues exclusivity.


We get close to our customers because each of these pieces is individually treated. We intend to demonstrate that we have placed our dream and knowledge in them. Everything is instilled when admiring a creation of Da Capo Escultura given that you can find the chisel traces, among other tools used in the creations. Besides, the effect produced by the impact of light in a bush-hammered texture and the leading veining which traverse the material are breathtaking. In essence, it is a singular piece that tells its own story.

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