Stone carving

The appreciation for sculptors and the careful engraving choice is the only possible way explored in Da Capo Escultura. It is a journey which lasts for several weeks or even years working strenuously. Nevertheless, we should not forget magic as it constitutes an intensive, fascinating and rewarding work.

During the process, the imaginative and skillful experience overcomes the difficulties of the stone which lie in its rigid structure with just a few simple tools. These have not changed over the history and their use defines the remarkable skill at extracting the stone we don’t need. It is this ability which allows us to come up with the sophisticated design. In brief, what does not concern the shape but the aspect is the result we achieve.

During the engraving process in the studio, we pay special attention to the surfaces of the stone that will remain later visible. It is then, an aesthetic value that also responds to other questions defending and looking for the proximity to more purist practices.

The technique

We stand for crafted works as the origin of our philosophy and production. Our pieces are full of identity and accomplished by the human trace. It is the start in the creation of an emotive sculptural work whose complete knowledge offers an opportunity to apply every style and technique. However, for the current artists, every option is possible and available.

It hasn’t restrictions imposed on materials, nor has limited creation to express sensibility and talent. That is the reason why, being compatible with handcraft, it takes advantages of the latest innovations in tools and machines that work in the most efficient and profitable way leading to new possibilities. In short, being at the forefront means growing. Likewise, the dailysound emitted by the tools breaks with the silence in the studio and it is just one of the many principles we adhere to.



There is a precise moment in the timeline that marks the path of our material: from the initial removal to the moment that the stone is transformed to take on a new shape and then, a new meaning. The action of turning a solid stone into a beautiful sculptural image starts with the choice and knowledge of the treatment and possibilities that the material offers.

The sculptor who works on stones must recognize the material that will be used as the basis ofthe creation, with the most genuine admiration for its singularity.

In our production, the one that takes some old works of art as reference to be later reproduced, in the chosen material and the work completion gather strength and in the search of a respectful imitation. In terms of the original production, we are experts and sure about the preference of our material -among the wide variety- that will make it possible to define the inspiration.

Natural stone is the material chosenby creative people,such as designers, decorators and architects to express an infinite range of creative languages made for lasting.

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