We strongly believe that the best way to welcome all of you to our project is by introducing ourselves as honestly as we can. As this is not always an easy task, we will start with its name. Naming it “Da Capo” was a vital ask in introspective learning. Such process commences at the very first time we intently listen to ourselves, by paying attention to what we really need and not giving in to trickery. Later, we analyze our own experiences and it is at that moment when my siblings and I reach the same conclusion: each of us have finally settled down. It means that each of us, up until then, had confronted life according to the moments and events that had been happening to us. However, there had always been something really intense and constantly present that kept our dream alive. We are delighted to look back and recognize that we could not leave out what motivates us. Somehow, this feeling is so strong that we get excited by simply thinking about it. Now, we are delighted to see that it has become real and we are going to enjoy it as much as we can.

Firstly, beauty and then, beauty, that is the order. Da Capo Sculpture is an aesthetic laboratory in a constant search of beauty (the way we think about it which promotes a handmade and delicate work. Such task avoids rhetoric, lies and adulation. Our designs can be summed up in the expression “fine art”.
We often find that preferences and inspiration for our production come from old creations, decorative motifs, architectural elements and classic concepts, all of them of considerable charm and worthy of being replicated. Our firm intention is working in what we consider that enchants public despite the years.

With the intention of offering everything above mentioned, we trace the origin and eliminate what seems unnecessary of the raw material. We consciously break the stone, make its  scars stand out and praise its imperfections. In short, we show instead of hiding. This hypothesis could not be formulated without the skills of the one who took chisels and pointers as his own family, and is still holding them more than two decades later. Similarly, hiss kills require as much strength as control, care and ability. The tools, which seem to be an extension of his hands, result in the aesthetic experience showing great discipline. It was already announced: it is not what we know, but what we live. Here forth, we want you to be part of the effect that contemplating beauty brings about and the emotion hidden in Da Capo Escultura.

Da Capo Escultura


We are a group of professionals with theoretical, technical and artistic education, under their founder’s ideals: love for the job, effort and innovation. Da Capo Sculpture evolves and responds with new challenges trying to instill such values –guaranteed by their confidence- in the customers.

From the project idea to its execution we employ all the multidisciplinary knowledge within our grasp so as to achieve unique and exclusive design. It is also at the service of the experts looking for more feasible solutions in order to accomplish their purpose to the fullest.

The ability to obtain a unique and beautiful product entails an approach to aesthetic development coupled with the traditional practice full of values such as the compromise, creativity and emotion. Without doubt, it is humans that guarantee what was previously exposed. Everyone is invited to our studio: the ideal place to meet our customers.

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